Benefits Of Putting Down Pine Straw

Benefits Of Putting Down Pine Straw

Pine straw looks lovely in the landscaping beds. It’s truly a complete landscaping look, especially in the southern states. Pine straw can be expensive, and it usually has to be done twice a year. The question many homeowners ask us is what are the benefits of putting down pine straw. Are you just paying to have this done without understanding why? We are here to fix that! In this guide, we will explain why pine straw is a good decision.

Soil Improvements

Since pine straw is a natural and sustainable thing, it can provide some tremendous benefits to your soil.  Your plant’s roots will be insulating, helping them handle both cold and warm weather, and making sure they stay moist as well. Your soil is also less likely to erode when you have pin straw in place. When the pine needles interlock, they are quite healthy.

As pine straw breaks down, it will release organic matter that helps to improve the texture of your soil. If you have been putting new pine straw over an area for years and years and you need a bit of good soil for a new pot, dig up under the pine straw, and you will have a great organic mix for your new plants.

Weed Control

Weed control could be the most beneficial reason to put pine straw in your beds. If you struggle with weeds continually popping up, the pine straw does a beautiful job of keeping things under control. Although seeds can fall through the pine straw, it is challenging for anything to grow back up through it. Pine straw does a better job of protecting against weeds than mulch does.

Low Maintenance

Pine straw does not wash away quickly, and it looks great for many months after putting it down. Since the pine straw stays put, you can also blow leaves out of pine straw without blowing the straw all over your yard. This helps landscapers keep your bed and grass looking great. Many times when you blow out a mulch bed, there will be pieces of mulch flying around and into the grass.


Although it can seem like pine straw is a bit expensive when you get the per bale price, it is a lot less costly than mulch. Pine straw goes a long way. When landscapers start spreading the pine straw, you will not believe how large of an area they can cover with just one bale.

If you have never put pine straw in your yard, the first application could be a bit more expensive as there are areas that need to be covered up to a two-inch depth. As you spruce up the beds each season, you will likely not need quite as many bags to get the job done.

If you are thinking of putting pine straw mulch down in your yard, call us today for a quote. We will give you an honest estimate as to how much the project will cost and how long it will last as well. Adding pine straw to your yard is something that should absolutely become part of your landscaping budget.

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